About SMS

I remember waking up as a kid on Sunday Mornings hearing my mom blasting Mary J. Blige’s ‘share my world’ album while she cleaned the house. When I was at my aunts, it was Maxwell’s ‘Sumthin Sumthin’ on repeat. They’d burn their favorite candles until there was virtually no wax left. After a while, Sunday Mornings basically had their own smell.. their own vibe. This brand was built with that in mind. Recreating that Sunday Morning feel but for EVERY DAY of the week! Scents that tell a story 🌱

For context...

During quarantine, I decided that I wanted to create something that would bring peace to others. I thought about what I usually do to relax.. and that's light candles to create the vibe I want to feel. They are a big part of my mood, my meditation, and setting intentions. I started out making candles for family and friends, truly out of love. After making my first batch of candles I fell in love! I thought, this is definitely something that I want EVERYONE to be able to experience. I put so much love and honor into making every single candle. It's truly a blessing seeing them bring warmth and joy to others. 

When I started creating this brand, it was important for me to include things that I use on a daily basis. Things that relax me and help me feel at peace. Both for self care routines, resetting/refreshing, and to add a sense of luxury to my home. 

Overall, I am extremely excited to continue this journey. But most importantly.. I'm glad that you'll be there along the way. 

- trenitta treniece